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If you also want the highest quality and precision for your test equipment for your work, simply take a look around in our well-stocked shop. Whether sorting templates or color fans, you will find a large selection of different products there.

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We are always looking for sustainable alternatives in our test equipment range. That's why we now offer sorting templates made of PLA filament, which are made from renewable raw materials.

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Handbook for assessing the quality of fruit and vegetables
Standards Book - Marketing Standards & UNECE Standards
Hand refractometer (digital)
  • Books & Pictures

    In our assortment you will find different types of books. These include, for example, our quality manual and the collection of standards.

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  • Knives & Peelers

    Here you will find different types of knives with different blade lengths and blade grinds for destructive control.

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  • measuring instruments

    We offer various measuring instruments for destructive & non-destructive quality control.

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  • sorting templates

    Here you will find our various sorting templates for checking the caliber of a wide variety of products.

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  • color fan

    To check the degree of maturity, we can offer you corresponding color fans for numerous articles. You can find the entire overview here.

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  • Metric gauges

    All test equipment for checking the length, font size and other parameters can be found in this category.

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  • miscellaneous

    Here you will find numerous other accessories that are recommended for the quality control of fruit and vegetables.

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